Thursday, January 13, 2011

En Joy!

(All Images © Simone Rene 2009 - Houston & Avenue A)

One of the most amazing things about a child is the way their face willingly expresses true emotions.  Without a social filter in place they, children, wear their hearts without sensor. The light on a child's face when they are experiencing the pure joy and wonder of a moment is beyond compare. It is rare to see such unabashed emotion on an adult's face so when I do I take it as a gift.

Yesterday I had such a moment.  I happened upon a man so enjoying a pure and humorous moment with his shoes and two plastic bags that he decided would serve as protective covers for his dress shoes that he neglected to hide the unabashed joy and humor in the experience. There was no embarassment. There was no fear of ridicule and there was no shame. Instead this man sat himself down and with intent and obvious humor meticulously tied a bag around each shoed foot, stood up and allowed a belly laugh to spread across his face without a sound escaping his lips. In that moment he shone and I was in the path of his light. When he caught my gaze he did not shut down, instead he beamed and in that moment we were en joy. My being part of his experience did not deter him from his experience, instead his joy spread even wider and with continued grace and humor he smiled deeply and explained "well at least they match".

It is moments like this that keep me going. I seek them out on a daily basis, looking from face to face for the signs of the children we were and still can be. And by seeking I am reminded to allow myself to let go and be in the moment of emotion as well because it is only by being in the moment that we can experience such freedom.

Ashe' my friends, Ashe'


Gisele Bedard said...

My is Gisele Bedard and you used my grand-daughter picture without my permission...please delete this post right away...Gisele Bedard

Simone said...

Gisele, my apologies - I posted the image because of it's beauty. I also gave you credit and link to your site - I have removed it.

Gisele Bedard said...

You didn't delete my image you just hide it.When I do an image search on Google the image appears in the full resolution...please just delete it completly...I know you didn't do that to make prejudice.You saw this picture on photoradar and as you can see I deleted my account because my pictures were to easy to copy and paste...please remove it are an artist I'm sure you understand how I feel.I will post you another link to this image and you will be able to use it in a small that okay for you...what do you think?? Gisele

Simone said...

Gisele..I deleted your image at your request. I am not hiding it - I replaced it with my own. I do not know why it is coming up in the search engine as being accessible on this site - Again, it has been deleted and again I apologize for using it without "permission" but I gave you credit because I wanted others to know whose work it was. People borrow my images all the time and if they give me credit, like I gave you, I don't mind - it causes others to have interest and has actaully generated interest in my of luck to you

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