Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Thought...

(Tree 2010)
Most of us have a fondness for the winter holidays. For some of us it is a time to share the warmth of our homes and love with family and friends. For others it is a time to wind down the year and reflect upon years past while we plan for the year to come. Many of us can get sidetracked by all the glamour and glitz of the Christmas season and become lost in the tinsel and tree, the wrapping paper, the candles, the cookies and music and because of this can be seen as "typical" holiday revelers. We fall into our traditions and roll around in our past. It keeps us and those we love warm during the winter months ;)

One of the gifts I believe we each need to give ourselves this time of year is the gift of time and silence. Each day we should take a bit of time to sit quietly with ourselves and our thoughts and let go, breathe, allow our truths to come in and meet us. In the moments when we allow our inner voices to be heard we can set aside what we have come to believe this time of year should be and discover what the season truly means to us. In that time there is no need to judge, instead briefly hold each thought and let go knowing we cannot change what has happened, we can only greet what is to come.

How you spend your holidays should be a reflection of who you are but should never trap you into that definition. Taking the time to hear yourself above the noise of the season helps you to just be in the season and is one of the best gifts you can give and receive. 

Happy Holidays!
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