Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aching for Bacon...

My love of bacon is no secret. Given the opportunity I have been known to sing an off key ode to it and toast (that's another post). My adoration is such that I believe it should be its own food group.

Unfortunately like most greasy, flavorful things regulary consuming bacon isn't good for you so I don't eat it that often. But now I can have my bacon and not-eat-it-too because offers a number of bacon-centric goodies for true bacon lovers to choose from....

Bacon Bandages $9.00
Mr Bacon's Big Adventure Board Game $22

Bacon Wallet $16.00
Bacon Wrapping Paper 2 Sheets/$8.00
and my personal favorite..

A Bar of Bacon Scented Soap, $8.00
(All the scent without the calories!)

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