Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday's Mental Musings

on a Wednesday...

I have decided that regardless of how people treat me that I am going to treat them not in kind but how I want to be treated - with respect, directness, honesty, empathy and affection.

I know this decision will require diligence. I will have to learn not to reflect the behavior and attitudes of many I encounter and to by-pass my own emotional state so that I reach beyond any negativity created by our interaction.

This doesn't mean that I will accept less than what I want to project and share but it does mean that I will need to set perimeters with those people whose lives and attitudes are poisonous to my health.

I know I can't eliminate everyone that infects my life with all the negatives - anger, bitterness, prejudice, sloth - but I trust that by maintaining a respectful and healthy distance and an attitude that doesn't react to their issues and behavior eventually those people will find their place in my life. Hopefully those places will be in the background of this amazing journey....

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Keli said...

I am facing this challenge right now too. Attitudes are so contagious if you let them be, and I refuse to give in to the negativity I am surrounded by too often! Good luck!

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