Saturday, November 13, 2010

Caaaaaawfeeeeeeeee Habits

Those of you who know me or read this blog know my love of coffee. Well recently in an attempt to simplify my coffee ritual and routine I whittled down my process. Doing so made me realize that there are 3 things that guarantee a good cup of coffee

Whole Coffee Beans
Even bad beans are better when freshly ground.
Ground coffee quickly loses its flavor
After filling my Kitchenaid Glass grinder the rest of the whole beans are kept in a zip lock bag in the freezer until needed

A pinch of kosher salt sprinkled atop the grounds before brewing
The salt mellows any bitterness


A Flask to keep coffee hot and mellow
I use the above Ikea Flask.
It's inexpensive ($8) and keeps coffee heated all day 


Sissym said...

I also love coffee. I love coffee, coffee ice cream, chocolate-flavored coffee, coffee candy! Yesterday I went for a new cafeteria. Who talked to me was the store owner .... affffffffffff .... he even prepared my coffee (which normally I ask with a little milk) ... WONDER THAT! I praised him cos he knew how to prepare a good coffee! I concluded that not all people who serve cafes are able to do well.


Keli said...

I love those flasks!

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