Monday, November 15, 2010

BDNY's Last Day

Yesterday was the launch of the Boutique Design New York Show (Nov 14-15). Over 150 design industry manufacturers and more designers than one can count came together at the Javits Center to present some unique and innovative products for the hospitality industry.

Though the company I work for was represented I didn't have to be in the booth this year, next year might be a different story!  Instead I was able to benefit from my friend Eddie's charm and knowledge of the industry, he knows more people than I will forget, as we walked the hall. Some of my favs were -

Hallmark Collective's Diamond Ring Chandelier  ( )

Every rug created by fellow Brooklynite Malene B(
Mendi by Malene b
Cowrie by Malene b

the fushia colored sound-proof 3-D felt Buzziskin tiles from Buzzi Space 
Click on the title to go to the link to register to catch the last day!

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