Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Mental Musings

Yesterday was Columbus Day. I was at my desk working. I could have taken off. I didn't and unless the company is officially closed you will always find me at my desk.

I don't and will never celebrate Columbus. America was never undiscovered and if I wanted to celebrate the European domination of America I could reach further past good old Christopher and find many others who hit these shores prior to Columbus being supported by Spain to go out and find things worth bringing home, including those indigenous to the lands he came upon. Or I can just look to family and friends whose ancestors came to America, by choice or force, and invested in a land that became home.

I just wish that the holiday would be turned into the "Italian Heritage Parade". See many of us have forgotten that many "white" Americans were concerned about the wave of mostly Southern Catholic darker complexioned Italians that hit America's shores in the late 1800s-early 1900s. The turning of the "Founder's Day Parade" and/or smaller "Columbus Day"parades  into a national holiday was part of a campaign to ease the tension of that immigration.

It served its purpose. Most Americans don't question the presence of Italians as part of the American Diaspora but it's now 2010 and aren't we passed hiding the truth? Though we should never forget our history can't we stop washing over the truths and instead of investing in actions that caused pain that is still having national and individual repercussions here in America just celebrate the gifts that those hard working immigrants brought with them and shared with us?

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