Saturday, October 16, 2010

At the Desk

This Desk was on Ebay.
I fell in love with it.
Of course I want to change the colors a bit.
Unfortunately it was a pick up only bid and I am no where near where it's located.
Into my Maybe-One-Day folder this image went.
There are no less than 5 desk images in that folder.
On day one of those desks will materialize.

Everyone should have a Maybe-One-Day folder. It allows us to dream and more importantly direct our intent so that we come to know ourselves.

Every 3 months or so I sit with my folder and review the things that have manifested and those things I no longer desire. I love to edit. I find a sense of satisfation in letting go of things that no longer seem to be must-haves in my life. It allows me to direct my attention and gratitude towards the things I do have. It makes me feel that I have progressed in some way. And more importantly it helps me see the themes in my life so that I can avoid acquiring things that don't support those themes. This doesn't mean I don't experiment or go in directions that seem to be a journey, but by holding onto ideas and images of what I desire those journeys just seem to bring me home.

In the end we are who we are and though who we are is always evolving it is at our core we are always the same.  Knowing your self takes effort and honesty and dreaming and sometimes it takes a Maybe-One-Day folder.

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