Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday's Mental Musings

I know someone who produces documents for a company. It's his job. He is a consultant. How and what documents need to be issued are set by the owners of the companies he works for. The processes and documents were set up with the client's needs in mind. The records he maintains for his clients are created to support those client's books. Despite having an outline of how things need to be done and issued this person spends 50% of his time fighting against doing things in the framework set. Instead he tries to change the process and conform it to his own conceit believing that his way is the better way. He isn't consistent with his alterations and each session of work seems to be a new opportunity for him to get creative and throw a wrench into the works. None of his suggestions improve the process used to get there. His suggestions don't take into account the industry he is working with, the needs of his clients’ clients or the big picture of the project at hand. His suggested handling of things often muddles the details of the project and causes back tracking and revisions. The thing is he truly believes his way is the right way and he will defend himself even when holes can be punched into his defense. He loves to argue and refuses to admit that he is ever wrong. His argumentative method of processing his work load pushes those he works with away and depletes those around him. I suspect the energy he creates feeds him. I wish he would get a hobby like mountain climbing, bungee jumping or some other action packed sport that might relieve those of us that need to deal with his ego.

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