Monday, July 26, 2010

Thick & Beautiful

I once dated a guy that couldn't get over how thick my hair was. He was constantly asking me what I used to make it so full and shiney. Of course at the time he was losing his hair and desparate to retain as much of his lovely locks as possible. Eventually he just shave his head and stopped asking about my shampoo and styling routines. Sadly we parted ways, not because of his lack of hair, but what he never realized was that having thick hair is both a curse and a blessing. Either products weigh it down or do next to nothing to enhance its natural texture so when Pantene recently introduced a line of hair products formulated for the weight of hair I had to try them.

Pantene’s Medium -Thick Hair Formulas features micro-polymers that form a protective film around hair strands. It helps shield against heat damage that can result from styling and minimizes folicle friction, which enhances style-ability and leaves hair with a lustrous shine.

I use the Straighten & Smooth Creme, especially when I air dry my hair, for a natural bouncy wave. And when I want to play with the blow dryer and/or the curling iron I reach for the Heat Protection & Shine Spray.
Available at your local drug stores $5-7.00 per item

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