Monday, July 5, 2010

Sweet Memories

My cousins and I were strolling down memory lane recalling our favorite childhood candies.
There were the sweet Now & Laters.
Green Apple was always the pick.
Unfortunately a green tongue always let our moms know we had a candy without their permission.
My favorite were the Cinnamon Bears.
They always seemed enormous in my tiny hand.
Can't forget the Blow Pop.
Watermelon seemed to be the winner here.
And the key to enjoying Red Licorice was to be able to unravel it.
We all enjoyed the comics and tattoos more than the actual Bazooka Bubble Gum.
My Aunt Karen's pockets were always filled with Mary Janes.
If we were lucky she would share.
We joked about that summer cousin Yvette turned blue from all theViolet candies she ate.
It was the summer she had her 1st boyfriend.
It was the texture of the peanut butter center that made the Chick-O-Stick
And a box of Lemonheads let us share with everyone.
Now with all of us trying to be more healthy our favorite candy seems to be frozen fruit.
Grapes are my favorite though I will sneak a Now & Later from the niece every Now & Then

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