Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cake Walking..

100 Years ago I played bass. I owned a Rickenbacker and played in a short lived all girl band. Then life interupted and I realized that making visual art was what I wanted to concentrate on. So I sold the Rickenbacker for much less than it was worth, passed on the amps and packed away the custom made strap a friend gave me for my 21st birthday.

Recently I found myself plucking and slapping and thinking of chords. After walking around playing air guitar for a few weeks I decided it was time to pick up an instrument again. I researched purchasing my original guitar and found that my little red Rickenbacker now sells for way more than I am willing to spend and a Washburn, which is comparable, is still too much of a financial investment for me at this point in time so onto EBAY I went. Despite trolling the listings and half heartedly bidding on a few guitars I still couldn't zone in on a bass worthy of toying with. After much research and the realization I really didn't want to spend 100s$$$ on a toy that might end up hanging on the wall as art (WHY didn't I think of that when I had my Rickenbacker?!!) I finally purchased the SX GRB1K CPP Purple Left Handed Bass Guitar from Rondo via

The Pink or Purple bass comes with a gig bag, strap and dvd and there is even a package option that includes an amp! The guitar weighs only 8lbs and is slightly reduced in scale and size so that I can play comfortably. The Alder wood body gives my plucking and slapping a "vintage" sound and for just under $60 it's worth the risk, though a real musician will be embarrassed by its badly designed box, the juvenile decorating stickers, strap and the cheap purple gig bag it comes with.

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