Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday's Mental Musings

Blogs are the new form of communication and information. We all have one. We all use them to explore or expose the things in this world that keep us curious and entertained. Most of us are grateful for our readership because at the end of the day, regardless of our initial intent, we blog because we want to be heard or seen. And at the end of the day our blogs are virtual journals and the intent of most journaling is to unravel and release those thoughts that restrain. It is a place to share, vent and rest and in my opinion it should also be a place to learn. Most of us welcome feedback and response from those who choose to grace our pages because it allows us to grow.

One of the things I find interesting about following and visiting blogs is the censorship that often occurs. Cursing and rude words aside I am always surprised when a blog owner decides to eliminate responses that do not reflect their opinions or beliefs. Rather than seeing it as an opportunity to begin a dialogue the blogger instead chooses to never allow another opinion to see the light of day. Of course I have been eliminated and had my voice silenced from a conversation I cared to join and regardless of how many times it happens this type of censorship always makes me go hmmmm. How can we truly learn when we stay in the safety of our own reflection and not examine the shadows we caste upon others?

I have had this discussion with other blog followers. Some are appalled and discontinue following the bloggers they had admired because such censorship contradicted the open mindedness expected from someone who considers and questions the actions of the world through word. And then there are those of us that remain curious and continue to follow until our interests wan because of one sided conversation and we then choose to seek other venues that explore thoughts and concepts from all sides.....

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