Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday's Mental Musings

We all come with issues. We can all thank our families and upbringings for them. Most of us deal with life in a way that our issues develop that life. How we do this depends on whether or not we want to confront or ignore those issues and accept ourselves "as is".

If we accept ourselves and our lives "as is" most of us will forever thirst for more understanding and fulfillment atop the day to day grind of surviving.

Choosing to work on ourselves and confront our issues doesn't make us perfect. It doesn't stop the appearance of those who reflect what we are trying to rid ourselves of because regardless of what we do we will always see our issues in the people and situations we draw into our life experience. But if we have done our work correctly rather than seeing those confrontations as detours from the lives we want to live we will see them as opportunities to handle the "lessons" of this life. And if we have done our work well we will be armed with tools and methods that allow us to dispel the power our issues have over us.

Understanding that we may never totally rid ourselves of our "inheritances" gives us the power to choose the directions our lives go because we can stop wasting precious time trying to control those things we can never change. Instead we can learn to accept what we cannot change; find the courage to change the things we can; and hopefully gain the wisdom to know the difference.

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