Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewng Surprises

Recently while culling through some fabrics and things I unearthed small sewing samples from long ago. These hand and machine lessons taught application and understanding of sewing techniques and in most cases reminded me of how much labor goes into a specific style of garment. Granted most of the techniques can be machine done but once you've learned to do them with both hand and machine you will forever know the difference.

I now have the pleasure of organizing the samples but I thought I would share some images before carding and boxing them away.

The card below shows lessons on learning to make handmade applique and braid from fabric tubing. The tubing is made by cutting bias strips, machine sewing, turning inside out and pressing  them before use. The idea of white "lace" (center) ended up being used on a cotton dress. Sadly the small squares and circles, though a good exercise, were too much bother..

Below are hand made lessons for making flounced, tiered, ruffled and ruched skirts and such. Fabrics, ribbons, lace and petals painstakingly cut, sewn, pinned, hand basted and sewn permanently into place. It takes lots of time and love to make clothes with such rich detail.

This last image shows various closing options other than a button hole (I'll share variations of those soon). The green frog closure and all other samples are of made of same-fabric tubing that has been looped, rounded, squared and triangled (corner's mitered by hand!) tacked to the fabric, sewn to and faced. The other side of the garment would have buttons, hand made knots, beads or baubles attached to it.
Now off to IKEA to buy a box to store this stuff
(ignore the dirty rug - it's located in my studio!)

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