Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cleaning Vintage

As a collector of vintage and "previously loved" garments I am always concerned about caring for them. I must admit that I haven't done a great job and have lost more treasures that I care to admit because I washed them by machine or hand using harsh detergents. Some were even ruined after trips to the dry cleaner. I recently read an article in Fiberarts Magazine regarding "Caring for Vintage Treasures" and it mentioned a product call Eucalan Delicate Wash (

The article showed the step by step process of cleaning a vintage wool gabardine coat. The cleaner rubbed the Eucalan at 100% strength into stains and problem areas and sprayed the entire coat with a solution of 16 ounces of water to two tablespoons of Eucalan until it was saturated before rolling the coat in a clean towel to lift the grime. Unfortunately you must be a subscriber to or purchase the magazine to access the article but don't let that stop you from going to the Eucalan site and requesting samples of their product -

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