Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sewing Inspiration

When you reach a certain age you realize that what goes around comes around, especially in fashion. Hold onto a garment or accessory long enough and it is bound to come back in style. Of course as one matures there are certain fashion trends we choose to leave to the young. My friends and I call it the "been there, done that mistake once" decision. But that doesn't mean you can't pick up and re-visit a classic trend that compliments most wearers or be inspired to forgo the current trends and reach for classic pieces that the trends themselves are based on.

Attached are pictures of my fashion inspiration wall and some sewing projects that I am currently working on. Some of the magazine photos are years old and most of the patterns are "vintage" but whether they are are on point with the current trends or not doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that I like the styles and intend on making quality garments that are fitted to my form and tastes.
All Images © Simone Rene 2010

When you make your own clothes not only can the sizing be tweaked and adjusted along the way but design alterations can be made so that you create a garment that is totally and solely yours. Even when you follow the pattern instructions to the letter the fabrics and notions make them totally unique.

All Images © Simone Rene 2010
I don't have patterns that are exact matches to any of the photos. Instead they echo the silhouettes and shapes of the garments in the photos and are step off points for creative exploration and expression. The fabrics, lining and notions I am working with are even further points of personal expression that shopping for ready to wear can't really fulfill.
All Images © Simone Rene 2010
Often it isn't just the price of a ready to wear garment that puts many of us off but the fact that we will be wearing the same suit "so-and-so" is wearing and sometimes "so-and-so" is wearing it better. Sewing or having things sewn for us allows for our individual creativity.
All Images © Simone Rene 2010
And just because we choose to sew for ourselves doens't mean we all want to or should be designers. In fact being a designer and being a self-seamstress are two very different things that only overlap on the ability to create a wearable garment. The designer has a vision and scope that often creates garments that they will never wear, for bodies they themselves don't have and for lives they themselves don't live. A self seamstress takes the time to see and understand her body and is secure enough to make clothing that flatters and highlights both it, her body, and her life.
All Images © Simone Rene 2010
Happy Sewing!


Next Door To Magic said...

I hate it when I start remembering shoes or dresses that I've thrown away and all of a sudden I really want them back.

Simone said...

I feel the same way and am still forgiving myself for some real blunders ...

kerfuffler said...

My mom actually made one of those multi-layered, zig-zag edged, detachable collars from the pattern on the bottom right in the last photo-----I know she still has it. Maybe she'll let me wear it someday. She did such a beautiful job!

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