Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday's Mental Musings

I think everyone and their mother are designing clothing and/or accessory lines because everyone really wants to make their own clothing but are too ashamed to indulge in a good tailor and pay for one garment at a time. It would make them look "selfish".

Seriously, why does every actress, musician and would be dentist need to put a label out there? Celebrities have always been used to promote products but now it seems that without sewing or design knowledge they can also "design" which means that everything, if we are lucky, is really designed by some poor want-to-be-design-student hidden behind the celeb.  This is not to say that some of those same people don't have taste or style or am I being confused by their stylist? It all makes me sad and confused. Am I supposed to listen to that singer/actress/writer/film director/investment banker/socialite or wear their jeans?


kerfuffler said...

I agree completely!!! The Fashion industry seems to have been taken over by the cult of personality. A bunch of social climbing sycophants ooh and ahh and say "brilliant", "perfect" and "amazing" about all the offerings of these self-styled designers much to the detriment of excellence in design.

Design is important, not just some frou-frou activity. Design reflects the inspirations and decisions that must be made before the allocation of resources in manufacturing goods.

Simone said...

hmm your comment it here but it notes O comments...the fashionistas must have hacked the site :|....

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