Monday, December 14, 2009

Personalizing Your Library

I dream of having a bathroom big enough to house my library. There would have floor to ceiling glass doored book shelves that protect all the books and maybe housed a few towels and pretty bars of soap. There would also be a library ladder on rails. It's a dream, a good dream but making it into a reality isn't my priority right now though personalizing the books I do have with beautiful book plates is.  

Cavallini Bookplates are beautifully illustrated and Amazon has the motherload of options

Check out Cavallini & Co's site for more wonderful stationary options


kerfuffler said...

Such pretty bookplates!

But perhaps you should be glad in retrospect that the size of your bathroom has kept your books stored elsewhere. Even in a closed bookcase, the steamy bathroom environment would degrade the condition of your books.

But I too long for the ladder on wheels!

Simone said...

..sigh..I suspect the bathroom library will always remain a with well sealed built in book cases with doors to prevent steam issues...

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