Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday's Mental Musings

Why do people forget their manners when using public transportation? Why do they forget the power of the words thank you and excuse me? Why do they shove pass people to get through that train door or upstairs without regard to the traffic flow created by the stream of passengers doing the sae? Why do they sit spread out with body and bags across more than one seat and not seem to care that their fellow travelers must stand? Why do they have attitudes when asked to shift over or remove handbag or briefcase from the empty seat they placed it in? Why do they expect you to hold the door for them yet offer no signs of gratitude when it is? Why do people keep their bags and backpacks on instead of removing and placing them between feet on along side of them to allow room for their fellow travelers? Why do they speak of personal and private matters on cell phones and then get annoyed with others are caught listenings? Why do they speak loudly to their travel partners and get annoyed with others ask them to tone it down? Why do people forget their manners when using public transportation?


kerfuffler said...

They also forget their manners in their cars, rushing to cut people off, cutting in at the front of the line when merging, not using blinkers to communicate intentions, or pulling out into traffic while expecting everyone else to slam on their brakes to accommodate their presence.

But I have noticed more people being appreciative when they notice that another driver has thoughtfully avoided blocking a driveway, or refrained from entering an intersection when there is no room on the other side.

Simone said...

With a machine separating someone from others I can be more accepting of the disconnect between behavior and affect though with cars that disonnect can be more tragic.


Hello mon cherie, a kiss on you!
Come back, keep following me ;)

"A woman's not going to buy a little skirt for a lot of money if it's not for seduction. What else are clothes made for?"
- Azzedine Alaïa

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Simone said...

You're marketing technique is impressive my friend!
and I believe most women buy clothing to impress each other rather than the opposite sex...remember with one of these (points below the belt) most women don't need that skirt ;)!

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