Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Food On A Budget

A few days ago while wandering around during lunch time I remembered that Vanessa's Dumpling House isn't too far from the new office so I allowed my feet to lead me there.

Vanessa's Dumpling House is located at 118A Eldridge Street between Grand and Broome Streets.
The cooking station and counter top take up about half of the space but considering the speed in which the women behind the counter need to work inorder to fulfill the constant stream of dumplings, soups and bun orders it's a good thing. There is seating but most patrons take their orders to go.

The hand made dumplings aren't extraordinary but at $1 for 4 large fried dumplings and $2.50 for 8 boiled ones you are guaranteed they are always fresh and filling. Vanessa's also offers soup made to order, a variety of buns, bubble teas and take home frozen goods at extremely economical prices. Nothing on the menu is over $5.00.

But don't go there for the dumplings. Go there for the Sesame Pancake Sandwiches. These adult sized sandwiches are made with a crisp sesame seed encrusted bread that is split in two so that its soft center can be packed with a variety of fillings - egg, veggies, shredded pork, beef or duck. The prices for this item range from $1.50 - $2.50 and are a nice change from the normal deli hero.


kerfuffler said...

So, did anyone look at you funny as you started taking pictures of your food?

When I was taking pictures of purses at TJMaxx, another young shopper gave me a strange look; I said it's for my blog, and she flashed me the biggest smile.

I love seeing the pictures that people take themselves during their day. Those dumplings look great!

Simone said...

not at all..the bottom order was mine and my photo..the top image was borrowed - sssssh..I was pushed out of the way by a bike messenger attempting to order 10 sandwiches and 4 orders of dumplings...

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