Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweating to the Oldies..

While riding the bus a few Saturdays ago a grandmother and her granddaughter, each dressed in matching grey pull over sweat suits, joyfully boarded and were clearly excited about being in each other's company. After thinking how sweet the two looked I also realized I hadn't seen anyone wearing plain grey pull over sweatsuit tops in a long while only to run across a few options while looking through the fall fashion magazines later that evening. I guess there is a revival but that revival seems to include oramentation and a lot more cash that a standard gym issue gray sweats cost.

Pencey's embellished rayon blend and grosgrain sweatshirt retails for $325.00
Thread Social's Cotton and Silk Habotai Sweatshirt runs for $155.00

Walmart sells the Hane's Sweat Shirt below for $6.00
This one is fleece. They have brand, fabric and color options.
The prices are under $20.00
Buy Some Ribbon and VIOLA!

Update - I found a boy's all cotton sweatshirt at a sell out store for $3.99. This weekend I am going to my local fabric store to buy some raw silk to make the ribbon ...though I am thinking of adding bits of lace instead...sigh..the options


kerfuffler said...

Fabric stores can be treacherous places for people trying to save some green-----so many tempting choices! But then, as the bumper sticker assures me, whoever dies with the most fabric wins.

Simone said...

Depends on the fabric stores you shop and your own self control..I am a fabric whore but these days I tend to put blinders on and head for exactly what I definitely don't want to have to wait until I die to win..hmmm

kerfuffler said...

Sadly, I have inherited my mother's love of fabric, but not her nimbleness with the needle; my wardrobe could be said to be made entirely "out of whole cloth".

But now at least I have a collection of vintage fabrics!

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