Friday, October 9, 2009

Flop or Classic?

Every fall the fashion industry reintroduces this style wool hat and despite seeing it in all the magazines I really never see New York women wearing them. Maybe they buy them realize how large and inconvenient the brim is and keep them stored in a hat box like I do?


Charlene said...

Im not a fan of these hats but the girl in the first photo makes it look beautiful.

Simone said...

The original photo is from the 60s and the hat does look lovely on the woman wearing it. In all honesty I believe it looks great on most women because it frames the face but its waaaaaaay awkward to wear! lol

kerfuffler said...

I love big hats in theory, but you're right that they are unwieldy, especially if it is windy!

Someday I will have to post pics of my dejected, seldom worn hats----some of them vintage!

Simone said...

I would love to see them!

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