Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Shoe Post of the Day

While flipping through one of September's fashion magazines I came across a photo of a Moschino Cheap & Chic oxford shoe. It was a lovely buckskin color with what looked like either a broad gross grain or satin ribbon as its shoelaces. Very chic, but at $295.00 not very cheap, sooooooo to obtain the look I am considering buying an Eastland Women's Buck Oxford ($59.95 @ and a yard of 1-1/2-2" wide satin ribbon.

Of course I live in New York and even with protective spray those buckskin shoes are sure to suffer dirt and damage, besides my wardrobe isn't very brown/earth tone based.

Another option would be to find a men's classic black or oxblood leather oxford in my size in the boy's shoe section and use matching ribbon laces.

For a more "feminine" version I could also buy a pair of Capezio Jazz shoes ($26.00 at Capezio's site) and use black ribbon that would be both Chic and Cheap!

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