Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have tons of bits and bobs that I use for making jewelry, sewing, mixed media art and anything else that crosses my creative mind. Storing it all is a bitch. More often than not it all gets packed away and once its hidden from my thoughts and eyes it is left unused. A few months ago I went to IKEA and purchased a number of plastic storage cups and the chrome colored bars that they are meant to hang from. The cups come in really cool translucent colors, hang 4 per small sized bar, 6 per large, and each set costs about $6.00 (small bar). I ran 10 sets up the side wall near my work table - see below. Each cup holds a bit of this and a little of that and now the only excuse I have for not working with these items is my lazy hands!

After putting up the system I ran across other options while at Home Depot. The trays below come in a number of cup sizes and each set comes with its own brace that allows them to be attached to the wall and staggered much in the same manner that the cups are.

Or they and a number of pegs, varying sizes, also available from the Home Depot, can be attached to a Peg Board to create an amazing accessible wall of work and play goodies

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