Monday, September 21, 2009

The Crowds May Have Thinned

out enough for you to get an up close and personal look at Vermeer's The Milkmaid.

In honor of the 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson's Voyage to Manhattan from Amsterdam, that city’s Rijksmuseum has allowed one of Vermeer's most famous paintings to travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where it and a number of other Dutch paintings from the museum's collection will be on display from September 10, 2009–November 29, 2009{EC38F2E1-BA19-4D5F-845F-A5C44CB90A9E}


Susan Benford said...

Not only is this famous painting by Vermeer visiting New York, there are eight other famous artworks by him in the city. Five are in the Met and three in the Frick Collection. Given that there are only 36 famous paintings officially attributed to Vermeer... this is amazing!

Susan Benford
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Simone said...

Having stared at this image on paper for years finally seeing it in "the flesh" did not is so worthy of more than one or two visits!

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