Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Basket Case

I love the idea of a root cellar but being an apartment dweller in Brooklyn, New York there isn't much of a chance of me having one. Even if I had a cellar it would probably be a 1 bedroom apartment rental by now. So instead of a cellar I am considering using separate baskets to store the apples, potatoes, onions and other root vegetables that I frequently cook with.

Once again while in Home Depot's plant and garden section I was inspired by planting items that could have another life as fruit and veggie storage.

These hanging baskets come in a variety of designs and woods and range from $8 -12. They are all plastic lined and pre-chained. A number of them can be hung from the ceiling in a staggered formation using the weight appropriate hooks and chains.
This wooden trough costs $19.99 and can house onions, pototoes and apples or act as a center piece on the kitchen table.

This twig basket is a less expense trough option. Like it's hanging basket counterparts it is plastic lined and can hold more than its fair share of goodies.

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keli * said...

i love hanging baskets! space savers AND some additional character to the room.

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