Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Dream

By now Dear Readers all of you know I am not one to chase after style based on brand or cost. In fact I truly enjoy finding style and quality in unknown brands and at unheard of prices. But I have a dream that I have kept quiet about until now. And that dream is to one day own a Cartier Tank Watch, preferably vintage and preferable pristine.

Conceived in 1909 and introduced in 1919 this watch is celebrating it's 90th year in demand and now that Michelle Obama has worn one in the official White House photograph, as did Jacquelyn Kennedy in the 1960s, I suspect that I will have lots of options to choose from once all the watch companies pick up on the trend. I know I will buy one of those "inspired" watches and wear it and love it as best as I can even while I dream of the perfect Cartier Tank.



aw... big girls have big dreams!!!


Simone said...

hahah..of course..many turned to reality, many left to dreaming :)! Hope you and your family are well!

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