Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shoed Again

Just when I donated my faux snake skin t strap sandals, t shirt and handbag I open the pages of this month's Vogue and there on the Need It Now page are images of snakeskin items and there on the photo of Shalom Harlow are the style of faux snake skin shoes I just rid myself of!!!

Unfortunately rummaging through every Salvation Army in town won't bring those shoes back but I spied with my little eye on the Nine West Shoe site the attached option in the Boutique 9 section. In my opinion Twyla is a thing of beauty, though admittedly not as sleek as the Boutique 9 Sandal shown on the Need It Now page, but I can wait. Either she will go on sale for a price I can justify spending on shoes at this point in time, they will add the sleeker slightly less expensive sandal featured in Vogue or the trend will move pass so quickly I will have forgotten my desire for something slithery.


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