Thursday, February 5, 2009

Li-Lac Chocolates

A few weeks ago my friend Nicole and I met for dinner but before we ate we stopped by Li-Lac's @ 40 8th Avenue.
If you are a New Yorker and have never been to Li-Lacs shame on you! This confectioner's shop was first establish in 1923 and has supplied us with the best chocolates and other sugary goodies available ever since. Each day the goodies are produced in small batches. I suspect it is to keep up with the demand because I have never not had a fresh chocolate or candy from this place. The Chocolate Raspberry Truffles are the most amazing I have ever tasted but because I am more of a gummi candy lover than chocolate candy lover I strongly suggest you try the lip shaped gummi's they sell which scream sweetened tart grapefruit/citric flavors. They, like all stores these days, have a website ( and you can place specific orders that will be fulfilled from the Brooklyn factory site, but it is sooooo worth the excursion to the 8th Ave store. Your nose and tastebuds will appreciate it!

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