Monday, January 26, 2009

Change of Color

I am a brunette with reddish tendencies. With the exception of my birth, that one chlorine filled summer and experiments in rock star color strips againt black I have always been a brunette with reddish tendencies. I have no blonde ambitions but I do enjoy spicing up my brown hair every now and then with home dye kit that keep things as close to my natural shade as possible. The problem is that most at home kits either lighten brown hair to shades reaching to be blonde or red or darken it towards flatter black hued colors, all of which do not flatter most natural brunette, especially when our faces are clean of make-up. Because of this I am finding my self pleasantly surprised by the results I have had with Loreal's Natural Match Color ( - get $2.00 coupon). This drug store available No-Ammonia Glossy Finish At-Home dye kit offers a range of natural looking color options that gently shift the shade of your hair so that the final results compliment your skin tone. Whether you choose to enhance your real shade or change it all together the results are amazing. Of course this product has been on the market for a while now, but if you're like me and tend to be confused by all the options on the beauty and drug store shelves I am hoping this review encourages you to reach for this product.

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