Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stepping Towards Spring Already

There are 2 styles of shoes I am dreaming of wearing this coming spring.summer–
A flat warrior like sandal preferably in a metallic or neutral leather color that will look great with a pant or a simple spring dress and a sturdy healed thick strapped 1940s inspired sandal in a bold wardrobe complimentary color that has presence but doesn't over power the outfit being worn with them.

I pulled samples of the looks from a few magazines before re-cycling them. Please see badly pieced and scanned attachment above (I made no promise of pristine presentation on this site!)
showing the Ralph Lauren Collection’s gold leather sandal ($750) -Topped Sandal Circled (I love the elegant shape), The Fendi Sandal ($720) - Orange Leather Sandal Circled at the Bottom (The orange color is bold yet feels neutral) AND/OR The Yves Saint Laurent Sandal ($760) - Black Sandal Circled in the middle (Very stable and classic looking to me).

Though these styles will definitely be my Spring inspiration I will shop for shoes that honor their silhouettes, are of good quality and construction and most importantly within my budget. Sorry Fendi, YSL and Ralph Lauren even though Momma needs a new pair of shoes she knows you're all too rich for her blood!

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