Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Worth the Face Time

Somme Institute prides themselves on producing skin care products based on confirmed scientific benefits that help those who use their products achieve clear, smooth and beautiful skin. They do extensive testing and tracking of other marketed products to determine what works and what doesn’t and then use the information to develop and improve their own products. One of their discoveries is a molecular dispersion technology 5, or mdtf, which is a non prescription blend of 6 highly engineered vitamins (A,C,E,D,B3,B5) that penetrate the inner skin layers without oxidizing or losing their potency when exposed to air or light. They documented their results at Harvard, Yale, NYU and University of Pennsylvania. I was just as impressed by their nourishing cleanser.

The Nourishing Cleanser comes in an 8oz plastic pump bottle and it does what it promises to do, clean and nourish the skin without irritating or over drying it. It dissolves dirt and oil without clogging pores and because it doesn’t over dry the skin it doesn’t trigger the glands to produce more oil to compensate, which is what causes the pores to clog and the skin to break outin the first place. I love, love, love this product despite it being engineered and not all green and fluffy and had to stop using it before I became addicted.

It is part of a 5 step facial program, something that could replace my 3 step acne kit in a grown up way, but what I didn’t love was the very grown up price tag. The cleanser costs $40.00, the Transport (alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl pads) $58.00, Serum (Boost Collagen Production) $82.00, A-Bomb (Accelerates Cell Renewal) $70.00 and Double Defense Day Moisture (Hydration & Protection) $48.00. That adds up to a rather large of investment of $250 for a 1-1/2 months worth of products. They do offer a Mobile Kit for $85.00. It contains 14 days worth of all 5 items, which isn’t any more economical than buying them separately.

If you can't get to Sephora to purchase Somme Institute goodies try or All places sell the items at the going retail price.

I wonder if this product will go on sale.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simone,

I'm glad to see another fan of Somme Institute's product line! How did you hear about them?

Just to clarify... the technology behind Somme Institute is called MDT5 (Molecular Dispersion Technology with Vitamins A, B3/
B5, C and E).

Also, Somme Institute isn't sold at Sephora, but you can purchase online at their site.


Simone said...

Thanks for the advice..I received the cleanser as a gift in a goody bag put together by a friend and loved the product but unfortunately it is a bit steep for my budget for beauty routine products...a girl can dream :).

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add that Somme Institute's website is currently under construction; however, Nordstrom and sells the products!

Simone said...

Very Cool! Great Items! Does this mean that once fully revised that buying the product direct from Somme Institute will prove to be more economical?
The products seem direct and to the point in their intent which is a plus for those of us that can get confused by all the options that are out there.

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