Friday, November 14, 2008

Shopping Spots Worth the Tip - Jacks 99Cents Store

I love the 99cents stores dotted all over the city but my favorite is the large Jack’s 99 Cents Store at 110 West 32st Street, between 7th and Broadway. I'm not the 1st to blog about this store which has 3 full floors of anything and everything. The bottom floor has a plethora of items for 99cents each while the upper two floors offer sell outs of name brand items often more than 50% less than the original retail price. There is more than one location for this store and they seem to have the clout to buy and offer the name brand items because what you can find will amaze you.

So how does my love of inexpensive discontinued items tie in with luxury? Because, all together now, luxury has nothing to do with brand or price. Because many companies re design or improve on their products it means that the older inventory needs to be closed out so that the market isn’t flooded with confusing options of the same thing. It doesn’t mean the merchandise is expiring or bad or not luxurious. The mark down is often a result of a marketing department’s desire to make sales by offering new and improved items that reflect current market trends.
In places like Jack's you can score some amazing finds. Their 3rd floor cosmetics area is a Mecca of name brand goodies that you can still find in places like Sephora and other department stores that carry the same lines. Jack's and similar close out stores offer those of us not willing to spend absorbent amounts of money on cosmetic items we may or may not like the opportunity to experiment at more reasonable prices and then choose to become a consumer of that product, even if it means shelling out full retail.

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JunkJeweller said...

I used to live very near this store, and I miss it! And yes, it's about luxury because you feel rich when you can go into a store and buy a whole lot of stuff without worrying about the price!

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