Sunday, November 16, 2008

Packaging by Simone

Despite my love of packaging I often look for storage that helps create and maintain the illusion of organization and uniformity. A few months ago I came across these great lidded glass apothcary jars in Conway's, another sell out store that dot various areas in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens (separate post to follow shortly). At $2.99 each I was able to purchase the ones shown in this picture. They store cotton pads, Q-tips, French clay, bath salts and manicure tools. Lined up a single shelf in the bathroomm they set the tone for that room's decor.
This post isn't about where to find these exact jars, though if you do let me know since I am considering buying a few more. This post is about considering your storage and space and not being afraid to recycle that product packaging and create storage solutions that meet your needs, both asthetically and functionally.
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