Thursday, October 9, 2008

To Peel or Not To Peel

After much coaxing from friends, I finally decided to give in and try one of the at home chemical peel and exfoliation kits. From what I have read most at home kits aren’t strong enough to do damage and without diligent and continued use much change. Many contain the same working ingredients at varying amounts and it is the packaging and name brand you are paying for. A visit to Sephora and then a few local drugstores left me overwhelmed and confused by the number of at home options. Do I need both? Can I use only one? Will I get the same results if I use either?

I finally decided to investigate using an at home chemical peel kit, since I believe the facial wash cloth I use does a good job of exfoliating any skin ready to flake off. I read somewhere that using a glycolic acid based product works best in a convenient pad version since they are ready and easy to use. After much research I decided to buy Avon’s ANew Clinical Advanced Re-texturizing Peel, not because it was the cheapest I could find but because I had read many positive things about it.

Thirty Pads soaked in a professional 35% glycolic peel comes in a small screw top jar with the suggestion that you use one every other day, morning or night, followed by a moisturizer, preferably an ANew product. The acid is supposed to re-texturize and resurface your skin so that its tone is even and glowing. The pads also contain soothing botanicals that are meant to calm the skin. It tingled when I put it on my freshly washed skin and my face turned a shade or two darker than before I put it on. I did moisturize with a non ANew product. After using it every other evening for about 2 weeks my skin is clearer and its tone more even, as promised, despite a monthly blemish. It’s worth a try, especially now since Avon’s site is running a sale and its $14.99 instead of the regular $25.00 price.

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